Use of GAS

The antenna connected by LAS can be used for GAS even from where on the Internet. The use of GAS is clear if it thinks by amateur radio. It transmits from the miniaturized antenna raised to the house, receiving by the GAS client from a house (even for the first floor of an apartment or an apartment). It can wait to come of a response on the contrary, hearing its CQ. If it has even the antenna which can be transmitted in any environments, it can communicate by the highest receiving sensitivity. QSO also with the comfortable location which had a source of noise in the circumference can be enjoyed. A cellular phone will become a high fidelity receiver, if a GAS client is developed as and an application of a cellular phone. Isn't it interesting only by imagining WATCHI DX using the GAS client of a cellular phone, walking along an urban street corner?

The ultimate goal of GAS

GAS was not limited to amateur radio. When LAS is installed in every place on the earth and GAS corresponds to two or more frequency bands, the true possibility appears. An old short wave, medium wave, and a long wave -- was only what is depended on a single antenna. Therefore, reception will be restricted to a sphere called the earth and was influenced by the capricious ionosphere. A huge virtual antenna can consist of taking a time synchronization and compounding the signal from two or more antennas connected to GAS. It becomes possible for GASVA to make the receiving environment which was not on the earth yet once appear. Of course, GASVA has the greatest ever receiving capability. It will depend on each imaginative power what is heard by GASVA.

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