GAS is an Open Source Design.

We declare clearly that it is the GPL license based on GNU for the software which constitutes GAS, hardware, and all its combination. This declaration does not spoil your right and does not cause disadvantageous profit of whom, either. For example, you can use for any purposes freely the result which GAS produced. The interface used for LAS can also be manufactured and sold. The result of GAS can be used with books and a magazine, without obtaining our consent (homepage which is you, of course). If it thinks that he can carry out skillful more, it is also possible to put a truth GAS project into operation (then, we may need to declare ourselves Originator GAS). But when only a few writes the request, donation and advice are large welcomes always. "There is an IC to use for GAS", "Take this personal computer (new fastest model) for using LAS server" etc. is very glad. Moreover, the proposal "80m hight five steel towers for GAS" is large-welcomed. Anyhow, please understand that GAS is a project which has a radio amateur's soul in the bottom.

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