Software Radio

Software Radio is one of the receiver which is input received signal to the PC’s sound card and decoded received signals by program.
Currently, several maker’s transceiver also uses decode circuit by DSP.
These maker’s transceiver also can be named software radio but our introduced software radio is connected very low cost mixer(few thousands yen) to the PC and receive signals such as maker’s transceiver specification.(Not behind maker’s transceiver or receiver)

Why we can make such kind of low cost circuit because we uses very popular logic IC.
This logic IC was already manufactured since more than ten years ago and it is possible to works hundreds of thousands MHz(Exp 0.5MHz to 30MHz) so it is enough specifications for cover all amateur radio’s frequency bandwidth. This logic IC cost is just few hundreds yen and can be make such kind of mixer circuit.

This circuit has hundreds of thousands dB gain and noise level is very low so it can be receive very clear signals. This mixer circuit uses H-Mode and meligo-system and very simple circuit but very high specification and works smoothly.So we solely makes this mixer.

We also interested make programming but unfortunately we do not have enough time and skill.
So presently we use Rocky and SD Radio program. This program is made by several amateur programmer in all over the world. Software Radio is already produced by several makers. But we can make very low cost so best way is hand made by your self. We also have Soft Rock kit.
This Soft Rock kit’s cost is around 30US$ and specification is exactly same as maker’s receiver or transceiver.(Cost is very expensive) So our archive target is soft Rock kit specification and grope make new circuit.
JA7TDO's SDR project

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