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Global Antenna Server(GAS) is a server with a SDR receiver hooked up to a big antenna located in the world wide connected to the internet and anyone is free to access it with a PC.

Imagine.How wonderful it is to use a big antenna such as 80m high 400m long wi re antenna at the noise free area if you are runnning amateur radio station or SWL.

So this GAS project is an introduction to this dream.


Important technical factors are three points as follows.

1) Internet

2) Streaming

3) Software Defined Radio

The Internet is very popular technology since more than ten years. The Internet is a data packet communication by telephone/data line. This system because of a digital technology is not affected by a noise even at along distance. On the other hand a little delay time may be caused by way of router. But this delay time does not have a serious effect.

Streaming was developed to send voice or animation/movie by the internet on re al time.

Software Defined radio has been used already since more than ten yeares ago. At present this technology is already used in the amateur radio equipment DSP.

By DSP,receiving analog signal and then convert to digital where noise signal is deleted iand demodulate it in order to get a better reception. This DSP can be replaced by using PC sound card together with a software radio being a front end and then streaming a whole band width (ex. 7MHz 100KHz band width.) in to the internet is possilble. You can watch and select any signal from spectragram display,for example on 7M Hz ,100KHz bandwidth display in your PC monitor.

4)GPS stablised Oscillator

GPS clock is added to new factor of GAS. RF data stream is necessary to have a precise clock. Also Clock of AD Converter need highly precise clock. GPS stablised clock is suitable for this purpose. I am planning Soft66 with GPS clock (2009/9/24). Soft66GPS is released.


GAS can be composed with several local antenna servers(LAS). LAS are comprised of PC , software, a big antenna(your own antenna will do), AD converter(Software radio), LAS server(Streaming server) ,client software in your PC. Moreover several proxy servers placed in the world wide for GAS network may make network run more smoothly. A proxy server relays packets data from the LAS servers to reduce load factor.

GAS clients access to each proxy server.

LOOK FOR PROJECT MEMBERS We already have indentifed technology factors to realize this project. But sti ll the project needs many experiments.

So,we are looking for members for the success of this project. Please send e-mail( to us and join us. And a lso if you feel or find any incorrect sentences, please advice us..

We are looking forward to your idea and suggestion.

Thank you.

our another project"Artificial Ionosphere using Laser"

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