Two new GAS servers are running by JF3IVB/1(Tokyo) and JA3DSA(Osaka) . Please enjoy GAS demo-server at access today 2 access total 6532

Local Antenna Server Demo

You can recieve live 40M band in Japan.
This is an experiment to the last. Actual development will be performed using different software.

  1. Please install SDRadio in your personal computer first.
  2. A sound card is required for a personal computer.
  3. Please install and place Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player and SDRadio

Open the URL from Windows Media Player.URL is .
It checks that Windows Media Player has connected.
Select Stereo Mix from menu of Select Inpu on SDRadio.Volume level is low.Sampling rate is 48kHz.If your PC has two Sound Card,please use card of one of the two for the output of Windows Media Player, and connect another side with the input of SDRadio.
Tuning SDRadio and you can recieve QSO in Japanese. Center noise is big , but this is experiment.

We want your comment.

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